Technology Tarnishes Vehicle Dependability for the Second Year in a Row

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by Jim Baumer The vehicles we drive are more technology-oriented than ever before. Once entirely mechanical in design, they are becoming an extension of our digital devices. This has been especially true over the last decade. Given this trend, vehicle manufacturers are aiming for the right mix of safety, convenience and even entertainment. But as … Read more

UTI The All-Stars of the Automotive Field

UTI technicians

Finding Success After Your Studies By Michele Chiappetta. When you attend school, you go in hoping for the best—great teachers, useful classes, good grades and a good job after graduation. That’s the experience students who attend automotive technical schools like Universal Technical Institute (UTI) are looking for. The instructors and graduates of UTI have several … Read more

Alternative Fuels, Autonomous Vehicles and Crazy Camouflage: The Scoop on New Vehicle Technology

By Peter Suciu. The automobile has changed a lot in the 130 years since Karl Benz first filed a patent for what eventually became the modern car. Today’s autos are faster, safer and a lot more efficient, but the road ahead promises a whole lot more—including cars that run on alternate fuel sources. There may even … Read more